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YGL in TaosThe Youth Global Leadership crew is on day seven of their 2013 Insight trip! Here’s a glimpse into what they have been up to…

We have already had an incredible and rewarding experience and look forward to the days ahead. Our first stop was the majestic Colorado Sand Dunes. After an afternoon of exploring, a sand storm swept through San Luis Valley—we almost had to abandon camping and stay at a motel. Luckily, the storm blew over and it ended up being a beautiful night spent under the stars.

The next day we traveled to Taos, New Mexico where we had the opportunity to stay at Casa Taos, an activist retreat center run by Daniel Escalante. Our days in Taos have consisted of meeting with a variety of community leaders and learning about topics including the acequia system, water rights, GMOs, sustainable farming, ecofriendly housing, and local traditions.

Some of the best memories aren’t planned. An unexpected adventure ensued when we discovered that Mumford and Sons fans were swarming the town from 46 states, eagerly awaiting a concert. Tickets were sold out so we listened to the band from outside the park. On our final day in Taos, we spent the day working with Miguel Santistevan and helping him on his farm. We got to plant Chiles and learn more about harmful GMOs. We ended the day with a big bar-b-que and lots of laughs.

We have had a full first few days, and asked a couple of the YGLers to describe our time in Taos using only a few words.

“Scarcity of water, bounty of culture and community” – Hannah

“Adventurous and cultural.” – Rachel

“Eye opening, mind blowing.” – Anna

“Surprising, enlightening and gorgeous.” – Nikola

“Community rich in culture, story, and a vast landscape of history.” – Aleiya

“Reflective, educational, and meaningful.” – Emily

“Colorful, empowering, harmony with nature.” – Emily

“Endless beauty and lots of wonderful, welcoming people.” – Sierra

While it’s sad to say good bye to Taos, the YGLers are inspired to continue their journey as they had to Sedona, then to Tuba City to work with Adrian Manygoats on the Navajo Reservation.