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In Guatemala our Philanthropiece Scholars program focuses on building the capacity of Mayan changemakers and cultivating their entrepreneurial endeavors for the social, economic, and environmental development of one of the most disadvantaged communities in the country.

Meet the Filantropis Team in Guatemala


We initiated a partnership with Limitless Horizons Ixil to develop a local organization that focused on creating opportunities for the women and youth of Chajul.

The first cohort of Philanthropiece Scholars entered the program, realizing a dream to attend university and to become professionals in their communities.

A total of 17 inspired Mayan youth in Chajul were actively pursuing their degrees and had created 5 community projects.

The community project program was converted into the Social Enterprise Cultivation program.

We co-founded the Guatemalan association, Filantropis ONG, with visión to create positive social change through the training of local changemakers.

Two Scholars from the initial cohort, Josefina and Dominga, graduated with their university degrees in Social Work.

Filantropis is operating as an impactful, sustainable association, fully staffed by alumni of the programs!


Filantropis Scholars

We believe that education is essential for social change to take place. This program integrates access to university studies with holistic personal and professional development. We provide Filantropis Scholars with training, skill building and the tools needed to succeed in any professional environment, and we empower them to consider themselves as agents of change in their own communities.

Social Entrepreneurship Cultivator

Support the incubation of ideas with potential of turning into long-term projects that achieve a social impact, generate employment, and create economic sustainability.


Calle Principal de Chajul
Canton Ilom, Chajul
Quiche, Guatemala
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