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We believe that when people have access to appropriate financial education and services they are able to envision and create a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Meet the México Team!


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Five people are shown hoisting a solar panel up to five other people standing on the roof of a small building.

We were introduced to the communities of B.C.S., México, when we when we worked alongside a collective of local and global organizations to install renewable energy systems in local schools.

Three people crouch over a fleshy object on a table covered in white cloth. One of the people has on blue latex surgical gloves and is holding scissors.

Based in Laguna San Ignacio, BCS,  we were engaged in projects pertaining to rural health promoter training, small business development, English classes for students and tourism professionals, and environmental education.

About a dozen people—mostly mothers and children— huddle around a small table with a wooden box on it.

Our Community Banks program started with a group of women living in rural fishing villages who hoped to save for their children’s educations, home improvements, and their family-owned businesses.

We held our second annual Community Banks Conference, bringing together three dozen community leaders from across BCS for an exchange of knowledge and culture.

A "hoja de prestamos" or loan sheet is held up in front of a wooden box with two visible locks.

Community Bank members from ranching, fishing, urban, neighborhood, school, and family communities collectively saved over $11,000,000MXN.

Philanthropiece A.C. incorporated as a non-profit association in México, and a 100% Mexican team began operations of three regional offices in Loreto, Comondú, and La Paz.

More than 2000 people have been trained in the savings group methodology, increasing their knowledge of finance, their community resilience, and their connections to one another!

Current Programs in Mexico

Community Savings Groups

An innovative, feasible, and effective savings program that emphasizes leadership, community engagement, and social cohesion.

Financial Education

A program for Community Savings Groups members and the general public that trains folks through dynamic workshops to be financially fit and to make decisions that contribute to their financial security.



Calle Nayarit #49, ZOFEMAT

Colonia El Manglito

La Paz, B.C.S., México C.P. 23060

Email: [email protected]

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