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Statement of solidarity

We commit to consistently examining and re-examining the role of the Philanthropiece Foundation within the context of the greater society within which we work and live. We are called to engage in dismantling structural forms of oppression and racism embedded in our political, legal, economic, education, religious and various other systems.  We know that racism is rooted within the very foundation of this country’s existence and ideas of nationalism and patriotism, and that extends to the sectors of philanthropy, nonprofit and community-based work. 

We know we must become fully active and engaged antiracists; actively fighting against privilege, entitlement, and injustice. We must work to end the systems of oppression and inequity that have, for generations, inflicted deep harm among our Black, Brown, Indigenous and other marginalized neighbors and friends.

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Commitment to Socially Responsible Investing

In a world where environmental sustainability and social equity are at the forefront of many investor’s minds, the Philanthropiece Foundation has committed to transitioning 100% of its investments to the ESG sector. This means that our resources only support companies that align with our values by prioritizing responsible environmental, social, and corporate governance behaviors. Through this steadfast commitment, we recognize that change is often created through the mindful use of monetary resources, and thus, it’s paramount that our investments maximize the positive return for Philanthropiece, the planet, and society. 

We recognize that in order for our core values and mission to be upheld by our investments, it is imperative that we perform due diligence when searching for financial advisors and managed funds that view social responsibility with the same level of importance that we do. 

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Philanthropiece is an operating foundation, which means that we develop and implement our own programs. Want to learn more? Read our blog post on the topic, “So what is an operating foundation, anyway?”

We are committed to providing clear, accurate, and timely documentation on our work and financials. Please refer below for our most recent 990PF tax forms:

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