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Colorado, US

We are founded on the principle that being rooted in our own local community is essential to the work of piecing together a better world. Our work along the Front Range of Colorado has taken us from strengthening women’s voices to youth participatory action, from bringing a social justice lens to climate action to supporting our immigrant community and co-forming an indigenous rights movement. Just as in the global communities where we work, we do not enter as experts. Rather, here at home we continue to accompany changemakers and offer our resources and our solidarity.

Meet the Philanthropiece Foundation Team in Colorado!


We collaborate with Mothers Acting Up to launch the women’s vocal empowerment program.

We co-design the Call2Action program of the Boulder International Film Festival.

For the fifth year in a row, we mentor and champion teams of the Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise MBA program of Colorado State University.

We enter into a three-year partnership with INVST Community Leadership Studies of the University of Boulder.

We embark on our first annual Youth Global Leadership Insight Trip, sparking our commitment to social justice.

We become members of the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition and begin to sponsor the annual Statewide Assembly.

We enter into a partnership with the Just Transition Collaborative and the City of Boulder, providing a social justice lens to the Climate Action Plan.

Working alongside the founders of the Right Relationship with Native Peoples movement, we co-host the Welcome the Arapahoe Peoples Home event in Boulder, CO.


Our approach to working in our own community initiates with community engagement. Our work is very active. We recognize that how we do what we do is as important as what we do. Beyond the parameters of designing, implementing, and evaluating programs, we do site visits, engage in learning gatherings, go on insight trips, attend workshops, provide space for retreats, facilitate workshops and retreats, sponsor events, and participate on boards and committees. In a nutshell, we show up.

Our local work can be characterized by three stages:


We build relationships over coffee and participation; we grow our understanding of a theme or an issue via research and dialogue; we show up and stand alongside those whom we hope to accompany; we provide initial resources.


Current Examples:
Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition; Women’s Empowerment Club/Tampon Project; Motus Theater’s UndocuAmerica project


We co-design a working agreement and commit to dedication of time and resources to develop the mission, approach, and strategy and sustainability plan of an organization, initiative, or movement.


Current Examples:
Just Transition Collaborative; Community Savings Groups


We make a deep commitment to the long-term impact of the work, accompanying changemakers in team development, evaluation, scaling, and operational and financial sustainability.


Current Example:
Right Relationships Boulder

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