Filantropis Scholars


Because all youth have the potential to be leaders who are capable of transforming their lives and communities. Through our University Scholars Program, we invest in the future changemakers of the Maya Ixil community of Chajul, Guatemala. Our holistic programming includes university scholarships, career counseling, personal and professional development training, internship opportunities, and a supportive community within which passionate Scholars can learn and grow.


Chajulense youth have a dream of continuing their studies after high school to become a professional who contributes to their families and community. However, attending university in Guatemala can cost over $100 per month. In a region where nearly 75% of adults work as subsistence farmers or in the home, this cost is prohibitive. Without a means to continue their education, many young Ixil people remain unemployed or, perhaps even worse, decide to make the dangerous journey to migrate to the US.

Filantropis invests in Chajulense youth by offering the necessary financial and counseling support to attend university and transform their lives. We accompany our Scholars every step of the way by covering their academic registration and tuition fees, complementing their academic experience with personal and professional development training, offering engaging internships, and providing workshops and experiential learning in themes of leadership, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement.


The Scholars Program is operated by Filantropis ONG, a non-profit Guatemalan Civil Association that was founded in 2015 by local community members in conjunction with the Philanthropiece Foundation. Filantropis invests in the potential of youth, generating sustainable community change and opening opportunities. Specifically, the Scholars Program is supported by:

  • Maria del Carmen Itzep, Filantropis BecasU Program Coordinator
  • Ernesto Perez Santiago, Philanthropiece Guatemala Program Director & Advisor to Filantropis ONG
  • The Watson Institute at UFM
  • And the incredible team of Filantropis!