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Leer Es PoderOur core program in Guatemala, Philanthropiece Scholars, serves to develop a new generation of leaders in the Ixil Region. Along with attending university, Philanthropiece Scholars form teams to collaborate on the design and implementation of a Community Project that will create a positive social change in their hometown of Chajul. The Education Team, comprised of Eliseo, Elicia, Camilo, and Lupita, are working with five rural schools to bring interactive literacy activities into classrooms. The vision of their project is that these activities for local elementary school children will enhance their creativity, critical-thinking skills, and self-esteem. I recently had the opportunity to speak with the Education Team, and asked them what most interests them about this project. Their responses were moving, and a tribute to the leadership that the Philanthropiece Scholars are developing.

Here is what they have to say:


“I feel that all students have the right to have opportunities to read, write, and use his or her voice in school. Our project allows for those things to happen.”


“I want to ‘rescue’ the habit of reading here in my community. When we read with the children, they pay attention and get excited. A small change begins to happen.”


“When we arrive at a school with a book, the kids feel as if we have brought them a present. I also love this project because we are learning alongside the children.”


“Our interactive style of teaching changes the children’s attitudes about reading and increases their self-esteem. I feel proud that the teachers trust us to work with the students.”

With their efforts, the Philanthropiece Scholars are growing into conscious and skillful community leaders, while paving a path of literacy for the children of Chajul.  Adelante, Equipo de Educacion!