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Text that says "Crowdfunding Camapgin Apr 5 - Apr 23" is accompanied by the GlobalGiving, Philanthropiece AC, and filantropis ONG logos.

Please join us in supporting Philanthropiece AC in Mexico and Filantropis ONG in Guatemala as they launch crowdfunding campaigns on GlobalGiving!

As many of you already know, at the Philanthropiece Foundation we work in pursuit of a just, equitable and sustainable world through collaborations with people and organizations. We share this approach with the Philanthropiece civil associations in México and Guatemala. While the foundation continues to accompany and support both associations, the leaders of both Philanthropiece AC México and Filantropis ONG Guatemala are conscious that having multiple support systems and revenue streams is essential to meet their goals and sustain their work into the future. Both Philanthropiece civil associations took a big step forward this year by earning a spot in GlobalGiving’s Accelerator program. 

GlobalGiving is an online giving platform whose mission is to transform aid and philanthropy to be able to advance community-led change. They envision a future where philanthropy is built on trust and community-led changemakers have all the resources they need to pursue the solutions they have identified for their communities. Since 2002, GlobalGiving has provided access to tools, training and support for nonprofits in more than 170 countries across the globe to make the world a better place.

GlobalGiving’s Accelerator program is an opportunity for new members – nonprofits, associations, community-based projects, and more – to join the platform. Both Philanthropiece AC and Filantropis ONG completed a rigorous application/due-diligence process and were approved for the next phase, which offered them a “bootcamp” training program on messaging and networking, as well as a position in the April crowdfunding campaign. 

Our goal in April is to position Philanthropiece AC and Filantropis ONG to earn a permanent GlobalGiving membership. To do this, they must show that they have a base of support, folks who believe in their work and are committed to seeing them advance. Specifically, each organization must earn $5000.00 by 40 unique donors throughout the campaign period which starts today and ends on April 23rd. We would love for you to support!

The value of earning a permanent spot on the GlobalGiving is important because it provides:

A FUNDRAISING PLATFORM, giving the civil associations an online presence to share their work and stories on their own donation page.

ACCESS TO TRAINING TOOLS, building the capacity of the Philanthropiece teams in Mexico and Guatemala in organizational development, messaging, evaluation and more.

EXPOSURE TO MATCHING FUNDS, allowing the associations to magnify donations and providing access to corporate funding (85% members gain additional funding from corps like Ford, Microsoft, Google, TripAdvisor, etc.)

OPPORTUNITY FOR ORGANIZATIONAL GROWTH by gaining credibility, visibility, and a global network.

A CHANCE TO BE A TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADER by becoming a member, the Mexico and Guatemala teams are able to be a voice to help guide the direction of GlobalGiving and the role they play in global philanthropy.

As part of the Philanthropiece family, we have gained so much from knowing and working alongside our colleagues in México and Guatemala. Join us in recognizing and celebrating their work!

You can do this by:

  • Showing this post to friends and family
  • Sharing the campaign video from our Facebook.
  • And, if you are in a position to do so, consider making a donation. GlobalGiving makes it easy to do so – just follow the links below! 

Thanks for all that you do for Philanthropiece and for joining us in piecing together a better world.