image00 (3)This post appears as part of an ongoing series of reports from the field called “Seeds of Savings,” from our Regional Coordinator in Loreto, Martha Drew. Gracias, compañera! 

Greetings from Baja! I love my job because I believe in the Community Bank methodology and have found that groups that adopt it find success. My Philanthropiece office in Baja is in a space next to my home in Loreto. From here, I exchange information with our home office in Colorado.

IMG_0413We also have another “home” in Mexico! This month we opened an office in La Paz, from which my fellow Regional Coordinator, Ernesto Vazquez, will base his operations. We are thrilled to share this collaborative working space, situated along the banks of the Manglito Bay, with other organizations striving to make positive change like Noroeste Sustentable, the Fondo Noroeste, and the Fondo Mexicano para la Conservacion de la Naturaleza. Please come visit us when you are in Baja!

Martha Drew serves as both our Regional Coordinator in Baja, and as a member of the Las Lomas Community Bank. Being both a leader and a participant of the program has allowed Martha to see its impact from multiple perspectives.