Laguna San Ignacio was recently highlighted in the New York Times Magazine, in an article about the whales that use the Lagoon as their birthing grounds.  When we contacted our former Baja intern, Morning Glory, to tell her about it, she had this to say…

I was one of the five people in the boat, when we started singing Broadway show tunes.  I don´t remember if I ever told you that I met Charles Siebert when I was in the lagoon.  It was a wonderful experience for me, since a few years ago, he wrote an article about elephants that was also in the New York Times Magazine and it caused a ´revolution of thought´ for me, regarding evolution and animals and all kinds of other things.  So, when I met him in the lagoon, it was like meeting a literary idol of mine.”!

Read the article here:

Watching Whales Watching Us
In a Baja lagoon, something is going on between whales and marine biologists. Is it interspecies communication?