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Furthering Health Initiatives in Laguna San Ignacio, Baja

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I never imagined two people could do so much in just two days of work…

Philanthropiece’s Director of Programs, Katie, and Advisory Board Member, Cathy (a nurse) came down to Laguna San Ignacio to give a workshop about UTI´s and Blood Pressure.  These ladies were absolutely amazing.  The energy that they possessed instantly was transferred to those around them.  I felt like they were able to fit 3 hours in one.  With that said, it was quite nice getting rid of them by the end of the night which was generally really late.

The goal was to capacitate the locals about these problems that they face on a daily basis and to form a group of Health Coordinators.  The 6 Health Coordinators are more than what we expected.  They were fully engaged and asking great questions.  We feel extremely confident with the future of our coordinators and we are elated that we have a mix of age, gender and location to keep our group as diverse as possible.

Cathy, Jordan and Katie on the shores of El Datil

Our two hour workshop lasted over 7 hours because the locals wanted more, more and more.

Two neighboring towns (El Datil and El Delgadito) have shown a great interest in receiving the same workshop that we gave.

Submitted by Jordan Bailey, Baja  Community Liaison