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Connecting with Lea Webb from Women Rule!

By November 23, 2009 No Comments

One of Philanthropiece’s core beliefs is collaboration.  We can’t do any of this good work on our own.  To that end, we rely strongly on our networks.  With such diversity in expertise represented on our board and among our Philanthropiece friends our networks are vast and wide, and being put to good use.

A year ago, Philanthropiece was a part of the Women Rule! conference, cocreated by the White House Project and O Magazine.  Women Rule! provided 80 women training to advance their innovative ideas.   A couple of Philanthropiece board members aided in selecting participants and also participated in the conference to add their guidance and expertise.  Philanthropiece has continued to connect the participants to our networks.


One of the Women Rule! participants is seeing her dream come true this week.   Lea Webb, a City Councilwoman from Binghamton, NY, is changing her community.  Lea’s dream of bringing the neighborhood its first grocery store in 15 years is coming true this week with the groundbreaking of a new grocery store.  Through the council and connections of Libby Cook, Philanthropiece Co-Executive Director, Lea was able to pull together all the people and pieces needed to bring healthy, fresh, and ethnically diverse foods to her community.  You go girl!  What a great example of collaboration and networking!

Read more here, in a follow up article in the November issue of O Magazine, http://www.oprah.com/article/omagazine/women/pkgleadership/200911-omag-women-entrepreneurs

Good luck with the groundbreaking event, Lea!

Photo Credit: Ben Goldstein/Studio D