photo by Philanthropiece Director of Programs, Katie Doyle Myers

In October 2010, a handful of Philanthropiece Advisory Board members and staff headed down to Laguna San Ignacio.  One of the main objectives of this trip was to disseminate a 3rd round of small business loans.  Pictured above is Jesus Murillo, a new loan recipient from El Datil.  His mother is in the background, very proud of him.  Jesus runs the only grocery store in El Datil.  He is using his loan funds to increase his inventory, as well as to expand his store for a fridge and freezer.  Jesus is a very good business man, and plans to pay his loan back in one year.

Advisory Board Member, Rachel Fuchs, dispersed this particular loan. When the photo was taken, she had just gone through the final phase of the loan process – reviewing the agreement and handing over the money!  As our newest Advisory Board member, Rachel really dove into the task of disseminating the loan funds.  She was very clear and comprehensive in these disbursement meetings; she brought her expertise of working closely with local community members, to assure that they fully understood the terms of the loans, as well as to assure them that they were selected because of their dedication and integrity.

Photo Caption: Katie Doyle Myers, Philanthropiece Director of Programs