Executive Directors, Libby and Joanie, along with Director of Programs, Katie Doyle Myers, recently traveled to Chajul, Guatemala to check in with our on the ground partner, Limitless Horizons Ixil.   They packed a lot of extras in their suitcases, including these amazing solar light bulbs from Nokero (the N200 to be exact).   The demand for solar is high in Chajul, as only 17% of community members have access to electricity in their homes. Pictured here are LHI staff members, Veronica, Katie and Edilma, showing off the power and intensity of the light bulb.  These bulbs are marketed to be more durable, longer lasting, with more economic value, than any other solar lantern on the market.  Both Edilma and Aracely (the Saber Sin Limites librarian) were ecstatic with the Nokero bulbs, and were ready to buy them immediately. In fact, Edilma was pulling all-nighters for her university final exams, and used one of the bulbs for 7 hours one night!