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Photo Journal: Guatemala

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Filantropis ONG, Philanthropiece’s civil association in Guatemala, is off to an incredible start in 2018! Located in Chajul, Quiche, a Mayan community in the Ixil region, their mission is simple, yet profound: to create changemakers. Their vision is to train a new generation of  conscious citizens who will support their families and community members. They do this through the University Scholarships and Social Entrepreneurship programs. Check out this photo journal of the first few months of this year!

A photo taken over the heads of an audience reveals a man in a white button-up speaking into a microphone. He is accompanied by a projected PowerPoint that says "the learning journey"

This year, the Filantropis team provided prizes to acknowledge entrepreneurs in Chajul….and hosted entrepreneur Esau  Corzo for the keynote address.

hundreds of people gather in green plastic chairs, some facing forwards and others conversing

Two youth hunch over a white plastic table, intently writing on pieces of construction paper with some markers

24 Scholars met in early April for our quarterly Scholar training. They worked with defining social issues and solutions..and explored what it means to be a changemaker.

hundreds of people gather in green plastic chairs, some facing forwards and others conversing

In March, Filantropis hosted the 3rd annual “Encuentro de Emprendimiento” that serves to showcase the idea of social entrepreneurship, provide inspiration and motivation for the community, and promote our cultivation program.

two people stand facing each other in front of a projected powerpoint. they are in the middle of a conversation or presentation.

:Six people stand in a line with their arms linked. They are wearing matching blue Filantropis t-shirts.

To learn more about our work in Guatemala, please click here and visit Filanthropis ONG‘s website!