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Chuy and Mirna

Chuy and Mirna chat about their savings groups during an activity at the 2013 Community Bank Conference!

The Philanthropiece team is heading to Baja California Sur today to support our second annual Community Bank Regional Conference. The principle purpose of this 3-day intensive gathering is to offer a space for program participants to share their experiences and to learn from one another. We believe that investing in bringing together community leaders from savings groups throughout the region allows us to learn from our successes and challenges, to look for opportunities to improve each Community Bank in the region, and to empower the program participants to be the voices for their groups and for the program as a whole. Collaboration and relationship building are key themes in our organizational approach, and the Community Bank Regional Conference offers us the ability to put these two key principles of sustainable community development into action.

The objectives for the 2014 Community Bank Conference are specifically to:

  • Highlight our revised program methodology.
  • Present ideas and systems for long-term savings avenues.
  • Provide training in our Community Bank accounting system.
  • Offer information about linking savings groups with formal financial institutions.
  • Focus on lowering risks for savings groups.
  • Give training on practices for conflict resolution.
  • Empower participants to contribute to the monitoring and evaluation of the program.
  • Improve participants’ understanding of personal finances.
Stay tuned for stories from the conference…and adelante with savings groups!