Our resources are built from an intersection of our own innovation and the creativity of folks we admire. We believe wholeheartedly that we are stronger when we share. So please, check these out and utilize them to support your work, your dream, your action!

the first bank logo pictures their wordmark on an elaborately shaded orange cube

First Bank

Orgs for Financial Education

Orgs for Financial Education

Orgs for Entrepreneurship Support

Orgs for Entrepreneurship Support

Orgs for Home Ownership Support

Orgs for Home Ownership Support

Resonance Choir

The entrepreneurship for all logo features a blue

Entrepreneurship for All

A candid panel of people face left from behind a table. The focus is on a person with dark skin and a striped sweater in the upper left corner.

Climate Justice Leaders

The KGNU logo displays the acronym in bold, rounded black letters. The G is surrounded by blue circles as if it is emitting radio waves.

Pasa La Voz on KGNU

Dominique Christina stands against a dark background, looking candidly left and speaking into a mic.

Dominique Christina Responds to “Women of Resolution”


Longmont’s Just Transition Plan

Know Your Why

Know Your Why

A vector illustration of three people of different races.

75% of Small Foundations See Racial Equity as Relevant

Standford Social Innovation Review

Three Ways to Improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Philanthropy

Philanthropiece Welcome, Bienvenidos

PhilanthroStories Jan 2019

PhilanthroStories, March 2019

PhilanthroStories Mar 2019

We see four people seated, speaking at a forum.

Foro de Emprendimiento 2019

A person stands in front of an Indigenous People's Day banner and speaks into a microphone.

Indigenous People’s Day 2018

Navy next on a white background reads

How to Be an LGBT+ Ally

A poem for my white friends

A Poem for My White Friends

What happened during August 2018?

Philanthropiece AC Noticias: August 2018

Ordinary Meeting of the Board

Philanthropiece AC Noticias: July 2018

¡Les tenemos algunas sorpresas!_June 2018

Philanthropiece AC Noticias: June 2018

Qué hemos estado haciendo últimamente

Philanthropiece AC Noticias: May 2018

Philanthropiece AC Noticias: Septiembre 2018