At Philanthropiece, how we do our work is just as important as what we accomplish. Whether our partners share with us values, programs, or collective visions, our approach informs our every interaction and allows us to create reciprocal relationships.

Shared Values

We participate in – and stand in solidarity with –

initiatives that embody Philanthropiece’s values.

We are proud to be cultivating relationships with the organizations below. To us, cultivation means pursuing a deep understanding of collective power and individual needs. Cultivating with these community partners means that we champion their work, show up to their events, welcome both informal interactions and deliberate meetings to build relationship and better understand the work, and build trust and clarity through dialogue and shared experiences.

The Padres y Jóvenes Logo features bold white text on a red background.

Padres y Jóvenes Unidos

Education as Liberation

Philanthropiece shares the emphasis on fighting for equity and justice that Padres y Jóvenes Unidos does in their mission, and are honored to be Champions for Change through supporting events such as the PJU Lobby Day 2019. We believe in resisting racism, resisting discrimination, and advocating for equality, and hence are incredibly proud to continue our collaboration with Padres y Jovenes Unidos.
The Longmont Sister Cities logo features a white banner stretched across a blue circle filled with vector mountains.

Longmont Sister Cities Association

A conduit for the international community

Philanthropiece is thrilled to contribute to Longmont Sister Cities Association’s youth exchange project, an initiative that serves to build community and friendship among youth from the Wind River Reservation and the city of Longmont. This exchange is the first ever at a reservation for LSCA, and is at the heart of what Philanthropiece is currently focused on with themes of youth engagement, indigenous rights, and immigrant rights.
the healing the healers logo features all-caps thin white text on a green bokeh background.

Healing the Healers

Guiding communities through the aftermath of trauma

Healing the Healers serves to gather, share skills and explore the intersections between mental health and deep social justice work in communities of care. These priorities overlap with Philanthropiece’s mission impeccably, which is why we feel so humbled to contribute to the Healing the Healers Summit that is being organized and convened by many collaborating organizations this summer here in Colorado. Healing the Healers’ intersectional work includes themes of youth engagement, rights of the LGTBQ+ community, and various other marginalized communities.
the CIRC (Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition) logo featuring an green teardrop shape overlapping a brown one. It is on an orange background with the full name of the organization in English at the top and Spanish at the bottom.

Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition

Believing in the inherent dignity of every person

Philanthropiece values inclusion, and in our home community this means welcoming people from all cultures, countries, and backgrounds. We participate as member of CIRC in the North Region, lending our voices and our presence at meetings, workshops, and rallies. We are proud to support CIRC’s Annual Statewide Assembly.
the PIE logo: two blue circles over a blue polygon representing a parent and a child reading a book

Parents Involved in Education

Empowering Latino parents

Philanthropiece is a collaborating partner of Boulder County’s Parents Involved in Education (PIE) program. We believe in the power of putting the tools, resources, and education directly into the hands of parents, who will in turn support the growth and wellbeing of their children.

Centro Amistad

Promoting health equity, education, and quality of life for the Latino community

We are honored to accompany the changemakers of Centro Amistad as they create opportunities and programs that promote healthy equity, education, and quality of life for the Latino community in Boulder County. We are proud supporters of Centro Amistad’s annual Cumbre de Mujeres Compañeras, and we are currently collaborating with Centro Amistad to promote our Community Savings Groups initiative here in Boulder County.

ELPASO Movement

Engaged parents, advancing student outcomes

We are collaborating with ELPASO Movement to offer Community Savings Groups to Latino parents throughout Boulder County. ELPASO is a movement creating a critical mass of Latino parents who are well informed and skilled to help their children enter kindergarten ready. ELPASO builds Latino parent voices, connects them to resources and to each other, and recognizes the incredible leadership, strength, and resiliency of this community to create change together.

Motus Theater

Shoebox Stories Project

We proudly support Motus Theater’s Shoebox Story initiative. The mission of Motus Theater is to create original theater to facilitate dialogue on critical issues of our time. We are drawn to the Shoebox Story initiative, as the project serves to uplift individuals and communities that are targeted and marginalized by the dominant culture and structures. We acknowledge that our entities share critical values including those of collaboration, inclusion, innovation, celebration, and integrity.

Shared Programs

We design working agreements with groups

with whom we share programs or visions.

We are proud to be cultivating initiatives, programs, and movements with the groups listed below. At this stage, Philanthropiece commits both financial resources and staff time, as we work together to develop or improve strategy, organizational structure, program design, and sustainability plans. We provide support and counsel as part of the initiative’s leaderships team, boards, and working committees. When we cultivate, we support all aspects of the initiative, provide hands on support, contribute to communications and outreach, and continue to grow and deepen relationships.

CU logo with

Just Transition Collaborative

Sustainability rooted in social justice

Rooted in our value of inclusion, we are committed to sustainability and environmental justice, which made our collaboration with JTC an excellent fit. We initiated our partnership with JTC in early 2017, just as the City of Boulder adopted a Climate Action Plan rooted in equity and justice. Through our partnership, we have been involved in the co-creation of the Climate Justice Leaders initiative which works to build the leadership capabilities of directly impacted and underrepresented community leaders. The Climate Justice Leaders contribute their voices and experience to a more equitable climate and energy policy and to related community projects, and we are proud to champion and support Magnolia Llanda-Posas, JTC's Community Engagement Manager, as a prominent changemaker in our local and national community in the field of eco-social justice.
indigenous people's day imagery featuring feathers in the shape of flatirons

Right Relationship Boulder

Honoring Native peoples

Philanthropiece is a coordinating partner of Right Relationship Boulder (RRB). The RRB is a group of Native and non-Native people working with local governments and organizations to help all Boulder Valley residents learn about the Native peoples who lived here historically and those who live here today. RRB's goal is to promote and practice right relationship with Native peoples. We acknowledge that the land where we live today is the territory of the Hinóno'éí (Arapaho) people. We honor Chief Left Hand (Nawath), leader of the last Hinóno'éí band to spend their winters in the Boulder Valley. Many Hinóno'éí people were massacred by the US Cavalry at Sand Creek, Colorado, in 1864. The survivors were forced out of Colorado to reservations in Wyoming and Oklahoma, where most Hinóno'éí live today. In our daily lives, let us remember that the Boulder Valley is home to the Hinóno'éí people and to many other tribes that also camped, hunted, and traded here for centuries. Native people of many Indigenous nations live here today.
part of philanthropiece's colorful wheel logo with the words

Community Savings Groups

Economic justice for all

We believe that economic justice is critical for creating a better world. Over 30 million people in the U.S. are unbanked or underbanked, and we believe that Community Savings Groups (CSGs) are a response to this issue. That is why we are working alongside various local organizations and agencies - such as ELPASO, Centro Amistad, ReVision, I Have a Dream Foundation, and more - to initiate the CSG initiative right here in Colorado.

A CSG is a group consisting of about 10-25 people who know and trust each other, and meet regularly to save money. The group also has an opportunity to issue small loans to one another with terms and interest rates that are decided upon by the group and included in a written agreement. A CSG liquidates after an agreed upon period of time; at this share-out each member receives the money they personally saved as well as a share of the interest (if applicable) that they have earned as a group. They then begin a new cycle.

Since 2010, Philanthropiece has honed a culturally appropriate methodology and applied it to train community members in Mexico on how to form and implement CSGs. To date, over 1850 people in Baja California Sur, Baja California Norte, and Puebla are saving as a result of our CSG program. Now it’s time to bring it to our own backyard.

The Tampon Project

Eliminating stigma about periods

The Tampon Project arose out of the Women’s Empowerment Club at Fairview High School. Founded by youth changemakers Sarah Huang and Malaika Pervez, the group’s mission is to create a safe space within Fairview to talk about women’s empowerment as well as intersectional feminism and the topics surrounding it without judgment. They are also dedicated to taking action to improve the school community.

That’s where the Tampon Project comes in! This project was kick-started when the group noticed a prevalent issue at their school - a lack of feminine hygiene products in our bathrooms. The project goals are to provide pads and tampons and to start a conversation to eliminate the stigma about periods. Philanthropiece is honored to work alongside Malakia and Sarah, as well as the members of the Women’s Empowerment Club, to support in the development of their design, strategy, and sustainability plan. Youth changemakers inspire us!

Shared Purpose

We develop legal and familial ties to organizations

with whom we share a mission and purpose.

One of Philanthropiece Foundation’s deepest impacts has been to nurture the development of civil associations in Mexico and Guatemala. We are proud to be sustaining relationships with both Philanthropiece A.C. and Filantropis ONG. To us, sustaining means committing enduringly to local entities and their programs that emerge directly from local leadership. We do this through working closely alongside the associations’ teams, participating on the boards, supporting the development of strategy and sustainability plans, and providing resources that sustain their initiatives.

the Philanthropiece AC mascot: a red in in a white t-shirt and hat, calculator in hand

Philanthropiece A.C.

Fostering resilient communities in México

The mission of Philanthropiece A.C. is to strengthen community resilience through building relationships and financial inclusion. Philanthropiece A.C. is an autonomous Mexican civil association based in the state of Baja California Sur. The organization grew out of Philanthropiece Foundation's presence in the state working alongside community leaders in the areas of renewable energy, small business development, environmental education, and rural health promotion. We believe that the basis of a sustainable family and community lies in access to financial services and education. In 2010, we initiated our first Community Savings Group in the rural fishing village of Laguna San Ignacio. Since then, we have drawn upon connections with the global savings group sector to develop a culturally appropriate methodology, and we have trained more than 1800 people in communities across BCS. Our programs are rooted in values of trust, social cohesion, leadership, and community engagement.
the filantropis logo: 6 ovals arranged in a circle and connected by spokes

Filantropis ONG

Empowering changemakers in Guatemala

Filantropis invests in the potential of outstanding you to catalyze sustainable change in the local community via access to higher education and cultivation of social enterprises. Filantropis ONG was formed as an autonomous Guatemalan civil association in 2015 and is a direct representation of the foundation's mission to build authentic relationships, and to co-create solutions with local leaders the forefront of design and implementation. The organization grew out of Philanthropiece Foundation's programs in Chajul, Quiche, and is lead by the same Mayan youth who are graduates of the programs. Filantropis' mission is to educate and train local youth to be changemakers in their community. Their programs focus on university scholarships, personal and professional development, social entrepreneurship, leadership, and civic engagement.