Cultivating relationships.

Co-creating initiatives.

Sustaining change.

At Philanthropiece, how we do our work is as important as what we accomplish. We are committed to serving defined needs in local and global communities, to emphasizing our values in all that we do, and to engaging with diverse individuals and communities.

We Cultivate

We enter with humility and an openness to learn. Cultivating relationships allows us to understand the power, as well as the needs, of an individual or a community. In this phase of our approach, we build relationships over coffee and via participation, we grow our understanding of a theme or an issue via research and dialogue, we show up and stand alongside those whom we hope to accompany, and we offer initial resources.

We Co-Create

We believe in the power of an individual or small group to make big change. And we know that at times all that is needed is a spark, a supportive hand, or a few nudges to create it. In our co-creating state, we collaboratively design a working agreement and commit to dedication of time and resources to develop the mission, approach, strategy, and sustainability plan of an organization, initiative, or movement.

We Sustain

We recognize that real change does not happen in a month or a year. That’s why, when our relationships turn into initiatives, and initiatives turn into locally-led organizations, we commit to the long haul. Our work in Guatemala and Mexico started by listening to local leaders, learning what they felt were their community’s best assets and most pressing needs. From there, projects turned into programs, and programs turned into autonomous organizations. While we are still closely tied as a Philanthropiece family, the work across borders is fully directed by local teams who are working diligently to make a difference in their communities, and to assure for operational and financial sustainability.

Philanthropiece’s efforts in Mexico and Guatemala are representations of how we work to create authentic, sustainable change.

A dozen people hold up a large banner that says "Filantropis Formando Agentes de Cambio."

Filantropis ONG

Preparing leadership and changemakers in Guatemala

Filantropis invests in the potential of outstanding you to catalyze sustainable change in the local community via access to higher education and cultivation of social enterprises. Filantropis ONG was formed as an autonomous Guatemalan civil association in 2015 and is a direct representation of the foundation's mission to build authentic relationships, and to co-create solutions with local leaders the forefront of design and implementation. The organization grew out of Philanthropiece Foundation's programs in Chajul, Quiche, and is lead by the same Mayan youth who are graduates of the programs. Filantropis' mission is to educate and train local youth to be changemakers in their community. Their programs focus on university scholarships, personal and professional development, social entrepreneurship, leadership, and civic engagement.

Philanthropiece A.C.

Fostering resilient communities in México

The mission of Philanthropiece A.C. is to strengthen community resilience through building relationships and financial inclusion. Philanthropiece A.C. is an autonomous Mexican civil association based in the state of Baja California Sur. The organization grew out of Philanthropiece Foundation's presence in the state working alongside community leaders in the areas of renewable energy, small business development, environmental education, and rural health promotion. We believe that the basis of a sustainable family and community lies in access to financial services and education. In 2010, we initiated our first Community Savings Group in the rural fishing village of Laguna San Ignacio. Since then, we have drawn upon connections with the global savings group sector to develop a culturally appropriate methodology, and we have trained more than 1800 people in communities across BCS. Our programs are rooted in values of trust, social cohesion, leadership, and community engagement.