Piecing together a better world.

the philanthropiece foundation HISTORY

Always a catalyst for community engagement, the organization was originally formed in 1997 as the Wild Oats Community Foundation, a private operating foundation providing low cost holistic health care and education services to a small number of neighborhoods in the United States.  Operating under the name Wild Oats Wellness Centers, the centers weren’t just a place to receive treatments, they were also gathering places, where community members came together to discuss and learn more about health and healthy lifestyle issues that were important to them.  In the ensuing years, in addition to operating the Wellness Centers, the foundation was highly engaged in the community of Boulder, Colorado, collaborating on several educational and community initiatives.

In 2006, desiring to dedicate more time to her humanitarian interests, Ms. Cook shifted the foundation’s purpose to reflect a more global perspective.  Taking a new name – Philanthropiece – and recruiting a diverse group of advisors to share the journey, the foundation set forth on its mission to piece together a better world.  Fifteen years since its inception, Libby’s passion still drives the foundation’s work.  Everywhere we go and in everything we do, Philanthropiece is bringing people together to identify and solve their most pressing needs.

We believe in being passionate, doing good work, and having fun.

We are curious and creative, and we are passionate about changing lives for the better – knowing that we too will be changed in the process.

For us, doing good work means that we listen to all voices, striving to hear even the quietest ones.  We are humbled by the power of collaboration and root all of our relationships in honesty and integrity.  We invite reflection and adaptability into all that we do, recognizing that today’s solutions won’t necessarily solve tomorrow’s challenges.

At Philanthropiece we have fun engaging in grassroots social change: sharing meals, stories and bus rides, and finding joy in the adventure along the way.

By building deep and authentic relationships, the Philanthropiece Foundation empowers changemakers around the world to co-create resilient communities.