Rachel Fuchs

Early on, Rachel was taught the importance of observing the world around her and sharing generously where she could. As a Boulder native, she was eager to leave town and explore upon graduating high school. As an undergraduate student at the University of Chicago, she had the opportunity to explore a community very different than the one in which she was raised and was changed by the experience. Upon graduation, she took a plane to Costa Rica where she served as a Peace Corps Volunteer with the Community Economic Development program working with the community on planning income-generating projects as well as on developing the skill-sets necessary to personal and community advancement. That experience was incredibly profound and Rachel still maintains friendships with many of the people she met there. Since 2008, Rachel has worked for Intercambio Uniting Communities whose vision of a world where people communicate and connect across cultures fulfills her own desire to maintain a grounded connection to the community she calls home. For Rachel, Philanthropiece has allowed her the opportunity to continue to explore relevant issues facing our global and local communities.
A headshot of Rachel. She has shoulder-length brown hair, round brown eyes, and a pink scarf.