Jordan Bailey

Jordan Bailey started with Philanthropiece in 2009, first as a volunteer and then eventually creating the Economic Justice Program Manager role (formerly the Field Coordinator role). If asked what he loves most about the job, it’s a no-brainer: the PEOPLE! Jordan has picked up new passions because of his work with Philanthropiece. For example, he is dedicated to providing more just financial tools to the under-resourced community members, and he has a thirst for learning about social issues – ranging from climate justice to immigration issues. He is also very conscious of his environmental footprint that he is leaving on this world (i.e. food choices, alternative forms of transportation such as biking and public transport, etc.); every product coming into the Bailey home is scrutinized with strict standards and values. Finally, Jordan cherishes anytime he can spend with his family – riding his son (Tay) to school by bike or going swimming with the family is what makes him tick. His favorite motto remains: Live every day to the fullest because you don’t know what tomorrow holds!
a white man with a close-shaved head and beard stands in front of a lake at dusk. He is smiling with his lips closed and wearing a "RUNbelievable" shirt