Jake Matlak


Jake has been working with Philanthropiece since 2012 and remains passionate about the organization and the work because it engages his core values. In the same week he can attend a local community meeting about environmental sustainability, discuss racial justice at a Philanthropiece book group, or strategize about new educational opportunities with colleagues in Guatemala. Through Philanthropiece, Jake can constantly immerse himself in relevant social, environmental, and economic justice issues. Whatever project, he knows that the team will approach the work with integrity, critical analysis, and compassion. Jake is able to bring his personal, academic, and professional experiences to the table, while also knowing that he will be collaborating with brilliant minds from around the globe who will challenge him and push him to grow. At Philanthropiece,he can do all this and still have time to play soccer, hike the magical mountains of Colorado, watch cheesy movies, or cook delicious meals with his lovely wife Mar.

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