Erika Moats

Erika has been in the Bookkeeping / Accounting / Finance field for almost 20 years and the nonprofit world for over 10 years. Her goal to find organizations that align with her beliefs and passions brought her to Philanthropiece in June of 2021 as well as her desire to learn more about how NGO’s operate in Central Cmerica.  The work in financial health and equity programs Philanthropiece facilitates are two areas she is very passionate about working in.
Erika has served and continues to serve on nonprofit boards on the county and state level doing work mainly with equity, poverty and food systems. Helping to create positive impacts at a local level and create programs to raise awareness are a couple of the reasons she has been drawn to nonprofit work.
When not working she enjoys spending time outdoors, in the mountains, traveling any and everywhere, as well as seeing live music and painting or just taking in the beauty of Colorado on a road trip.

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