Elizabeth C. Cook

Twenty years ago when Libby Cook started on her philanthropic journey she thought she was well equipped to help solve some of the most pressing problems facing our world. She had already found great success as an attorney and entrepreneur, founding Wild Oats and Sunflower Farmers Markets. Those endeavors provided Libby the opportunity to positively impact the way Americans eat, how we grow our food and also to model a more socially conscious business culture. Wild Oats was at the forefront of the organic agricultural and natural foods movements, as well as one of the first for profit companies to integrate the principles of social entrepreneurship. Libby applied the skills learned during those 20 plus years to the work of the Wild Oats Community Foundation and now to Philanthropiece in order to engage with communities both locally and globally to help address their most pressing issues. It did not take long for Libby to understand the magnitude and complexity of this challenge! She now brings a much more humble approach to the work of Philanthropiece, and realizes how much she has to learn. Despite this, Libby is more committed than ever to implement the systems change needed to address the social, environmental and economic injustices in today’s society. She is proud of Philanthropiece and the opportunity to work alongside our passionate and committed team and the communities with which we collaborate. When not intellectually and emotionally challenged at Philanthropiece Libby turns to the physical challenges that feed her and the company of her friends and family. Scrabble? Pickleball? Volleyball? Mountain Biking? Backpacking? Surfing? Kayaking? Libby’s all in!