Catherine Cook


Cathy was initially invited onto the Advisory Board in 2006 as a resource in the healthcare field. Her background includes medical,surgical,emergency and critical care nursing. After retiring from a 22 year nursing career at the VA in Palo Alto California, she relocated to Gilbert, Arizona where she has spent time volunteering with Banner Medical Center, The House of Refuge, and Matthews Crossing Food Bank. Cathy has participated in insight trips with Philanthropiece to Baja California, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Ecuador, and she led community healthcare initiatives in Laguna San Ignacio, México. Cathy also played an integral role as part of the community banking committee, assisting in researching and developing best practices for Philanthropiece’s savings groups initiative. Cathy values being part of the Philanthropiece team and appreciates the consistent commitment to developing authentic relationships as we engage with communities near and far.

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A headshot of Cathy. She has chin-length blonde hair with bangs, crows feet around her smiling eyes, and a relaxed pink shirt.