Piecing together a better world


Philanthropiece supports communities to reach their identified goals. We work toward our mission by making sustainable partnership investments and fostering locally-shaped decision-making processes. We envision that communities are well-resourced and able to self-identify their aspirations, leading to a collective elimination of inequities, as well as an ability to thrive and experience joy.

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Our work is deeply rooted in the unique needs of the communities we serve, and what we do emerges directly from the initiative of those who live there. We focus on uplifting changemakers who are at the forefront of projects, initiatives, coalitions, and movements that positively shift our collective view and experience. Since our start, we have believed that a connection between local and global communities makes us more aware, prepared, and impactful. While we are located in three places, we are united by a common approach and shared values.

Colorado, US

Rooted in social justice, we accompany community members to co-create sustainable and just communities. Projects integrate economic justice, climate justice, immigration rights, Indgenous advocacy, BIPOC representation, LGBTQ+ allyship, and youth engagement.
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Training youth to become conscientious leaders, engaged citizens, and powerful changemakers through opening access to information and opportunities and catalyzing transformative action. Filantropis ONG is fully directed and led and operated by Chajulense youth changemakers.
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Promoting community resilience through the creation of self-managed savings groups and financial wellness training, fostering access to opportunities, reducing poverty in high-risk communities, and supporting collective action. Philanthropiece AC is led by a strong Mexican team that centers relationship building and listening.
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“I want to make changes, even if they are just a grain of sand. I believe that those kind of small changes are what create a better world.”
-Martha Drew, Philanthropiece AC Director of Programs

Diverse cultures. One mission

Philanthropiece is an operating foundation located in Longmont, CO with branches in Guatemala and Mexico that serve their local communities.