Youth Global Leadership

Igniting Passion Locally and Globally

When young people are immersed in local and global issues, connected with local leaders and social entrepreneurs, and provided the space to dream, they harness the power to create innovative, meaningful impact in their world. We’re just the catalysts.

YGL was pivotal in shaping my interests and path during high school. I feel that I grew as a leader during my four years in the program, and I was able to look at the world through a more critical lens. The multitude of experiences I was part of in YGL helped me to understand my community and myself in a deeper context.

Aleiya Evison, YGL Founding Member & Alumna

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We seek to learn from and dream alongside like-minded souls. We love that our Youth Global Leadership program continuously connects us with creative, efficient, and entrepreneurial people who are looking to create positive social and environmental change on both grassroots and global scales. Here are some of the organizations these individuals represent:

Mexico Solidarity Network

Boggs Center and The Hush House

The youth of our local community are raising their voices and taking action. We are listening.


Our resources are built from an intersection of our own innovation and the creativity of folks we admire. They are composed and compiled by the dreamers and the doers, the movers and the shakers. And we believe wholeheartedly that we are stronger when we share. So please, check these out and utilize them to support your work, your dream, your action!