• Ixil, Guatemala
    Our Philanthropiece Scholars program provides opportunities for Chajul’s best and brightest students to continue their education, to gain leadership experience, and to become changemakers in their local community.
    Photo Credit: Emily Robertson
  • Baja, Mexico
    From small coastal fishing villages to the ranchero communities of the mountains, Philanthropiece is partnering with the people of Baja to develop healthier and more sustainable lives.
  • CO, USA
    We believe that doing our part to promote positive social change must start in our own local community. Our work in Boulder, Colorado is rooted in building partnerships, encouraging collaboration, sharing knowledge, and offering our service.
The Philanthropiece Foundation, through building deep and authentic relationships, empowers change-makers around the world to co-create resilient communities.


In Chajul, Guatemala, less than 1 percent of youth have the opportunity to pursue university studies.  Over 90 percent of the population we work with in Baja, Mexico, have no access to formalized banking services.  And in Boulder, Colorado, passionate high school students are eager to make an impact.  Philanthropiece is proud to piece together change in each of these places.

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We are in awe of humanity’s imagination. In the face of adversity and despite limited resources, we have seen our partners respond with extraordinary creativity and resilience.  At Philanthropiece, we choose to foster this innovation, to learn from our experiences, and to grow, engage and evolve right alongside our partners.

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Community Banks
Featured Community Member: Ramon Arce Zuñiga
Community Leader, San Francisco
Initiative: Community Banks
“The community is really excited to have the Philanthropiece Community Bank Program.  We started our community bank a few months ago and we have about twenty new people that are waiting in line to... Learn More >>