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Jose Antonio Vargas, featured in the Call 2 Action film “Documented,” teaches us what it means to realize you ARE somebody.

“I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.”  

I first saw this Lily Tomlin quote years ago on a friend’s email signature line. And it still gets me every time. Heading into the Boulder International Film Festival season, I can’t help but relate this sentiment to our Call 2 Action program.

We are hearing messages from all sides these days to:

Do something!

Create change!

Make a difference!

For me, no matter how inspired I feel by these messages or the causes behind them, so often the thoughts that directly follow are:

Who am I to get involved?

Do I know how to do that?

What could I do, really? 

Enter the true spirit of Call 2 Action. We designed Call 2 Action to give each one of us the permission – the gentle nudge – to be the somebody. To be the changemaker. To take the action. YOU can be a part of Call 2 Action at BIFF! I have personally found that participating in Call 2 Action can pull me out of the “I wish somebody would do something about that” mind set. It has encouraged me to move beyond the mentality that I’m not good enough or smart enough or connected enough. Call 2 Action offers the idea that, yes, we can all be the ones to contribute to positive social change, we can all be the ones to move from concern to action.

So what’s it all about? You’ve felt the power that film has to raise your awareness, to educate you, to move you about a particular issue. We’ve felt it, too, and that’s exactly why we have developed Call 2 Action; it’s a way to recognize film as an awesome platform to catalyze positive social and environmental change. It involves:

  • CONNECTING each BIFF Call 2 Action film with a local nonprofit organization. A leader from the org will introduce the film and the cause to you. And they will be around after the screening to connect with filmgoers.
  • ENGAGING you in a post-film panel discussion on the theme. Panelists will include the filmmakers, the nonprofit leaders, and others who are deeply involved with the issue that the film presents.
  • PROVIDING 5 “Steps-for-Action” that will show you what you can do in a day, a week, or a month to contribute toward positive change. And, no, you will not need to master a new language, raise a quarter million dollars, or own a 15-passenger van do take the steps. We’ll make becoming a changemaker accessible and personable.

Come on out to BIFF February 14-16, 2014. Check out a Call 2 Action film. Get inspired. Be moved and get moving. Because you are that somebody.

Want to dig a little deeper? Learn more by downloading the Call 2 Action Toolkit here

KDMyersKatie Doyle Myers is the Director of Programs for the Philanthropiece Foundation. Find her at the Call 2 Action tent (it’ll be on the Pearl Street Mall, right in front of the Lazy Dog, you can’t miss it!) throughout the Boulder International Film Festival weekend and let her know how you are gettin’ moving!