Fuerza con la union

Savings group members in Mexico show their strength and unity!

Last month, we held our 3rd annual Community Bank Conference in Loreto, BCS, Mexico. In this conference, Community Bank members from across the region gather to share their success and challenges, to hone their skills, and deepen their engagement with the program. Mariana Ledesma, who worked with us for two years as our Program Coordinator in Mexico, was instrumental in developing these conferences, as well as our Community Bank methodology. She is currently living in Montreal, Canada, and was unable to join us in person. However, she left this powerful message to our current socios about the power of savings groups. Gracias, Mariana, siempre es un gusto!

*Please page down for transcript in English. 

“Good afternoon. Some of you already know me, some of you, maybe not. My name is Mariana Ledesma and I worked with Philanthropiece as a Program Coordinator and trainer in the the Community Banks Program. I had the opportunity to start a few savings groups. I also had the opportunity to follow up with others. Unfortunately, I could not be at the the conference today. I did want to share with you that, in my opinion, Community Banks are a great opportunity to accomplish our goals, whether they be personal, in a group, or in a community.

The fact that you are in this conference today means that you are part of a group of people who want to overcome, who want the best for their families and their communities. When people ask me, “What did you learn as a coordinator of Community Banks?” I always respond: “Unity creates strength.” Saving on your own is not the same as saving in a group. There is a saying that I like that goes, Alone, I go faster, but in a team, I go further.” I think this phrase is very applicable to Community Banks. So this is a first step for those of you partnering with Philanthropiece, but it’s up to you to take it further and be the best you can be. I wish you great success with your savings group. Remember that patience, constancy, and trust are keys to this success. Learning to save and manage my money changed my life and I am sure that it will change yours as well. So now, onward!”

To learn more about our Community Bank program please watch our mini-documentary