Around the world today, International Women’s Day is being celebrated.   A day to honor and inspire and celebrate women.  A day to bring awareness to the issues facing women and girls around the world. A day to recognize the impact women have on making change in the world.

Today, we want to introduce you to some young women who inspire and amaze us (and one awesome young man!).   They give us hope for the future of all women and girls and we celebrate them today, and everyday.

Late last year, Philanthropiece launched the Philanthropiece Scholars program in Chajul, Guatemala.  The Philanthropiece Scholars program provides outstanding high school graduates the opportunity to earn a University degree and also provides extensive job training and experience in a specific theme of sustainable, community development.    With this initative, we strive to build a knowledgeable, capable and socially conscious work force of Chajul residents who can grow and contribute to a healthy and sustainable Chajul .  The 1st class of the Philanthropiece Scholars program consists of 4 astounding young women and 1 inspiring young man.  These students are all graduates of Limitless Horizons Ixil, our partner in Chajul, and are extremely passionate about continuing their education.

I am beyond pleased to introduce you to the 2012 Philanthropiece Scholars and their chosen focused programming areas.  In the coming weeks we will tell you more about these outstanding students:

Philanthropiece Scholars of sustainable agriculture and primary education in Chajul Guatemala




Maria Dominga Mateo Bop: Sustainable Agriculture, with an emphasis on Primary Education.

“I want to continue my studies for a better life and to support the development of my community so that the people of Chajul no longer suffer from poverty.”

Philanthropiece Scholar of Literacy in Chajul Guatemala







Maria Elicia Sanchez Asicona: Literacy.

“I want to help my community of Chajul and especially help the children so that they may realize their dreams.”

Philanthropiece Scholar in Environment and Appropriate Technology in Chajul Guatemala







Josefina Imul Calel: Environment, with an emphasis on Appropriate Technology.

“I look forward to contributing to my community by continuing my education, serving as a professional, and being a positive role model for younger students.”


Philanthropiece Scholar of environment and health in Chajul Guatemala







Lupita Pedro Tomás: Environment, with an emphasis on Health.

“My biggest dream is to graduate and pull my family out of poverty.”

Philanthropiece Scholar of NGO Management in Chajul Guatemala







Pedro Daniel Asicona Puente, NGO Management.

“I want to be a good example to the people of my village of what is possible.”

In the Philanthropiece Scholars, we recognize the critical role they play in their community and the contribution they are making to improve their lives and the lives of their community.  We are empowering them so that they may empower others.

Philanthropiece Community Advocate in Chajul Guatemala

Much of the success and momentum of the Philanthropiece Scholars program is due in no small part to Roxanne Eclevia, Philanthropiece’s Community Advocate, based in Chajul.  Roxanne is another remarkable woman who deserves to be honored on this day.   Roxanne’s tireless efforts have not only prepared the Scholars for life as University students and contributed to their personal and professional development, but has also inspired them to continuously want to learn more.

Philanthropiece Scholar, Lupita, said this after initiating her 1st community clean-up campaign, “In the end, I realized that with much motivation and interest, I can do what I set out to do.  I achieved my goal with all of my heart.”  With all of our hearts joined together, let us celebrate the inspiring futures of the Philanthropiece Scholars and the lives of the women and girls they are sure to impact.