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Social Action at the Boulder International Film Festival

By February 10, 2010 No Comments

BIFFTomorrow night begins the Boulder International Film Festival (BIFF), February 11-14, and Philanthropiece is once again a sponsor. We recognize that film can educate us and raise our awareness around certain issues. We have witnessed the ability of certain films to tug at the heart strings and make us want to jump into action to right the wrongs in our world. We also know that sometimes, if we don’t take immediate action, the moment is lost and we go back to living our daily lives.

This year, BIFF has sought to change that. In an effort spearheaded by Philanthropiece and others, BIFF has introduced the “Call 2 Action”, a program that offers concrete ways for filmgoers to take the energy and passion inspired by film and move from concern to action. Each film in the Call 2 Action program will be presented by a local organization that is working to create positive change in our community in the world. The themes of the films range from dumpster diving to Tibet, from gang violence to climate change. Local organizations such as Community Food Share and the Gang Response and Intervention Program (GRIP) of Longmont will present the films and provide ways for movie watchers to make a positive difference. And our partner, Performers Without Borders, will be presenting the film “No Strings”, where an aid worker teams up with two of the creators of the Muppets to tackle two very different problems—post-tsunami stress in Sri Lanka and landmine education in Afghanistan—through culturally sensitive puppet shows.

We hope everyone will come out to enjoy BIFF and support the Call 2 Action! Go to biff1.com/call-to-action to learn more and be sure to click on the green green action button button for specific and updated info on how to get involved. Happy movie watching!

Photo Credit: Boulder International Film Festival