While we promote awareness and understanding, in Boulder our focus is on moving towards action; the community’s energy is contagious and we are constantly impressed by opportunities to partner for social change in our hometown. As we take a step closer to co-creating a resilient community locally, we strengthen our ability to do so globally.

Our mission to support changemakers around the world in co-creating resilient communities starts right in our own back yard. With co-founders and an Advisory Board steadfast in their commitments to education, it is no wonder that we have put much of our local programming energy into the Youth Global Leadership program. This program provides youth in Boulder County with the skills, connection, and resources needed to make an impact in their local and global communities. Currently, the YGL participants are astounding us as they are involved in everything from providing on-going leadership workshops to under-served Colorado youth to developing global clean-water initiatives. Additionally, as our core program in Colorado, YGL collaborates with nearly all of our local partner organizations.