Katie, Christine and I recently had lunch with Emily Loose at the WILD Foundation, the only international organization dedicated entirely and explicitly to wilderness protection around the world. Lunch was delicious, and it was great to hear about their latest initiative, “Nature Needs Half”, an initiative to have at least fifty percent of the world be dedicated to protected land. Especially interesting was the approach needed to do environmental work in Boulder County, an area saturated in go green initiatives. Boulder already has over fifty percent of the land designated as wild space, but some of the land counted by the county is agricultural land. While an organic farm certainly qualifies for open space, a large agricultural project could harm the very land we’re trying to protect. WILD has partnered with photographers to get the message out (they’ve used this technique with other projects as well) and the images are simply stunning!  If you’re interested, search their media page under photos for some great inspiration http://www.wild.org/community/photos/

And here’s one of my favorite WILD photos:

By Carrie Keith, Philanthropiece Office Intern

Photo Credit: WILD Foundation