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Philanthropiece Foundation Staff

Jordan Bailey
Field Coordinator, Community Banks

Jordan Bailey comes to Philanthropiece with experience working in community development both domestically and internationally.  From 2005-2007, Mr. Bailey served in the Peace Corps in rural Ecuador.  During that time, he managed 200 students, teaching subjects ranging from Environmental Education to English.  He also implemented a number of projects including a trash management project and a community tree nursery.  Back from Latin America, Mr. Bailey developed and conducted English classes for Non-Native English speakers in Snowmass, CO. He also organized and completed a solo 1,000 Mile Bike Expedition from Aspen, CO to Banning, CA to raise money for Camp del Corazon.  During his 10 month tenure as the Philanthropiece Community Liaison in Baja, Mr. Bailey worked closely with the community on a variety of Philanthropiece programs, such as the health initiatives and English classes, and he became the local baseball coach to a group of 10-14 year old boys.  Through his many years of volunteerism he has discovered a grander meaning to what sustainable community development entails. He is extremely passionate to offer his skills in an effective and healthy manner to help serve those who want a positive change in their lives.

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At Philanthropiece, we are fortunate to have a team of inspired and inspiring individuals who are willing to go to the end of the earth and back – or at least to the end of a long dirt road in the back of a bumpy bus – to share in the process of creating a better life in our partner communities.