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Philanthropiece Foundation Staff

Alex Applefield-Alvarez
Program Consultant, Philanthropiece Scholars

Alex Applefield-Alvarez began working with children and youth as a camp counselor in France when he was 17.  While he was studying sociology and education at McGill University in Montreal, he spent a summer working as a volunteer teacher in Peru.  This experience motivated him to dedicate himself to development work in Latin America.  After an experience as a social worker with a Colombian NGO in Bogotá, he decided to get a Masters in International  Public Management at Sciences-Po in Paris with the intention of taking on more strategic roles and increase the impact of his contribution within the field of development.  Upon graduation, he was hired by a French education-focused NGO to direct their office in Haiti for a year.  He is now very excited to have joined Philanthropiece as a program coordinator in Guatemala!

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At Philanthropiece, we are fortunate to have a team of inspired and inspiring individuals who are willing to go to the end of the earth and back – or at least to the end of a long dirt road in the back of a bumpy bus – to share in the process of creating a better life in our partner communities.