Bold experiments.
Creating powerful change.

We are incredibly proud of the people who design, inspire, lead, and participate in our programs. They are all integral parts of our community of changemakers, of men, women, and children who are co-creating resilient communities. We are moved to hear their voices, learn from their actions, and share their stories. Want even more? Click here for our Featured Changemaker archives.


"A changemaker is someone who does something innovative and impactful. I don’t see myself as a changemaker. Even the more social impact-y things I love to do...are not creating change, per se. People have already done these activities; I’m simply following in their footsteps." Learn More >


"So much of the work of a changemaker has to happen within oneself before being extended out into one’s community. My years in YGL and my personal passions have guided me on this path of self learning and discovery, but I’m still looking for ways to bring that change outside of me." Learn More >

Saraí Arellanes

"What I am really proud of, is my work with the communities here. Normally we don’t acknowledge the small, remote communities that I work in but at Philanthropiece we do! They are all so different and I am very proud of all of them."
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Esmeralda Asicona

"My community motivates me because there is a lot of need for medical help there. Therefore, what motivates me to continue is that I will be able to help when I graduate and not only other people but also my family as there are no other doctors in my family, I will be the first one." Learn More >

Amaya Bacellieri

"YGL is the changing of a mindset, a meeting of the minds of those with a deep-set intention to change the world, who are going to be revolutionaries. That is a changemaker." Learn More >

Encri Caba

"Filantropis helps us love where we come from, helps us be strong and gives us the confidence to change our communities. I know that change is real and that we can make it happen!"
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Alfonso Talamantes

"Even the smallest contribution can make a difference, and little by little that small contribution will get bigger and bigger." Learn More >

Sierra Asmussen

"By recognizing everyone’s unique leadership abilities, I think community can function a lot more smoothly." Learn More >

Juan Camilo Ramírez Caba

"I’m inspired by the problems that I confront because they motivate me to find a solution. I always say that it’s important to find a way to keep going no matter what and never give up." Learn More >

Julie Moyle

"We’ve strayed from our relationship with nature, our life force, and we’re beginning to see the consequences of that. It’s important to me to be a part of the solution." Learn More >

Adriana Hernández

"You can do what you set out to do. Don’t be afraid to get close to something, or to try something, as that is the best way to discover what you are capable of."
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Mary Carmen Itzep

"A role model for me has been Ernesto Pérez, our Director. He has overcome challenges, and now is able to do something good for the community where he was born. If he could do it, then we, the Scholars, can too." Learn More >

Emma FitzGerrell

“Community is one of the most important things in my life, and I am lucky to have found it through Youth Global Leadership.”
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Dan Benavidez

"These walks are not about ego or power, they’re about creating a feeling of belonging and ownership. I really believe that if there were initiatives like this in other communities, there might not be any Fergusons. Because if I belong, I have hope - and with hope, we’ll get there." Learn More >

Martha Drew

“I want to make changes, even if they are just a grain of sand. I believe that those kind of small changes are what create a better world.” Learn More >

Tiochul Caba

“People who are entrepreneurs create their own motivation with their own rules. They have a passion to accomplish things. Entrepreneurship is an alternative that allows people to solve problems in their own communities. That’s what I want to do.” Learn More >

Emily Sun

“To me, community also means learning about different people, working together, and talking about needs in the community. Community is the first step to creating positive change.“ Learn More >