Economic Projects

Each of our economic projects is geared toward providing greater sustainability in Chajul and in the Ixil region at large.  Philanthropiece Scholars who are majoring in business administration in their university studies focus on building professional capacity in three thematic areas – non-profit administration, social enterprise, and small-scale savings groups – in order to improve their own communities.  Each scholar interns for a local organization to learn non-profit administration and management skills, as well as contributes to social enterprise projects that sell appropriate technology products such as safe cookstoves and solar lamps to local community members.  Additionally, Philanthropiece Scholars are promoting micro-banks that serve to provide a mechanism for saving, as well as valuable financial education.

Photo Credit: Sue Rissberger Photography

Philanthropiece Scholars majoring in business administration engage in non-profit outreach, social enterprise, and small-scale savings programs to impact all levels of the community.