Baja, Mexico

  • Our introduction into Baja included forming part of a coalition made up of local and international community members, with a goal of providing renewable energy for rural schools.
  • While we work with the people of Laguna San Ignacio, we always love our visits with the gray whales. The communities where we worked are inside a Mexican Biosphere Reserve, and regulations are in place to protect these amazing creatures.
  • Community Banks, our core program in the region, offers the opportunity to save for a secure future. Here, a Community Bank treasurer balances the books for the week.
  • While community members in Laguna San Ignacio typically have four walls and a roof over their heads, they still encounter daily economic challenges.
  • Fishing drives Laguna San Ignacio’s local economy. Half of our Community Banks are established in small fishing villages of the Baja peninsula.
  • Through our Sustainable Development Workshops, local community members build their capacities in the areas that they deem are highest priority. Here, Rural Health Promoters practice their skills.
  • Missions throughout the peninsula serve as both fascinating destinations and reminders of eras past. This mission in San Javier is a block away from this village's Community Bank meeting place!
  • Throughout our work in Baja, building relationships with community members is our highest priority, and our friendships prove to be our greatest assets.
  • Community Banks are made up of 75 percent female members, most of whom are saving for their children's education.

Sustainable Development Workshops

Philanthropiece’s Sustainable Development Workshops converge international resources with local expertise to address unique community needs. Read More >

Environmental Initiatives

Since our first introduction to the beauty and biodiversity of Baja, we have worked to address a variety of renewable energy, waste management and environmental stewardship projects. Read More >

From small coastal fishing villages to the ranchero communities of the mountains, Philanthropiece is partnering with the people of Baja to develop healthier and more sustainable lives.