Piecing together a better world.


Philanthropiece, a private operating foundation, was originally founded in 1987 by social entrepreneur and humanitarian, Libby Cook. In 2006, Libby shifted the foundation’s purpose to reflect a more global perspective, and Philanthropiece began the journey of “piecing together a better world” that it continues today.

By building deep and authentic relationships, the Philanthropiece Foundation empowers changemakers around the world to co-create resilient communities.

the Philanthropiece story

People often ask me why I founded Philanthropiece and how Philanthropiece came to be engaged in community empowerment and development work. My desire to create community has always been an important part of my life. Today, my life revolves around community. I have organized or helped create communities of individuals that gather together to engage in entrepreneurship and business mentoring, play bridge and beach volleyball, celebrate wine, and to share in our nonprofit work at Philanthropiece. Each of these groups meets regularly, some several times a week, and each consists of a community of more than a dozen individuals. Even as I write this, I am gathering a group of community gardeners. I have also been part of a community of individuals dedicated to organic foods through my role as a founder of Wild Oats and Sunflower Markets, as well as a community dedicated to education through my work as founder of Renaissance Home School.

In an age where more people are isolated and can do all of their work, shopping, and communicating via the internet without leaving their homes, I am even more dedicated to creating community and connecting people to one another on a personal face-to-face level. It is heartwarming to hear from my friends how important being a part of these groups is to them. With my nonprofit work, I envisioned an organization that would help create a sense of community, in the broader sense of the word, around the world. Philanthropiece currently works in our local community of Boulder, Colorado, as well as in communities throughout Baja California Sur, Mexico, and in the Mayan community of Chajul, Guatemala. Our work centers around catalyzing local leaders to create the positive social change that they feel is most needed in themselves and their communities.

By Libby Cook, Founder and Co-Executive Director of Philanthropiece