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Toolkits & Training Materials

At Philanthropiece, we believe that by sharing our experiences, resources, and insights we can build a virtual community of changemakers capable of co-creating resilient communities around the world.  Download our toolkits and training materials for sustainable development and share your story for an opportunity to be featured on our site.

Youth Global Leadership Tookit

YGL is a Philanthropiece program dedicated to supporting youth in putting their passions into practice and offering them the leadership tools that they need to be changemakers in their local and global communities. Our YGL Toolkit is intended for youth interested in participating in YGL and for other organizations working with youth development. Download the Toolkit >

Community Bank Trainers' Manual

The intention for our Community Bank Program in Mexico is to create and promote a culture of savings. The Community Bank Trainers' Manual provides a comprehensive guide to the methodology. Currently in Spanish. Other program related materials are also available, please request at [email protected] Download the Toolkit >

Video de Capacitacion: Ciclo I de un Grupo de Ahorros

This training video featuring our Community Bank program in Mexico illustrates the key points of a first cycle of a savings group. It includes information about the role of the General Assembly, the responsibilities of the Committee, creating rules, decision making, and more. (Coming Soon)

Call 2 Action Toolkit

The Call 2 Action program provides a public platform to use film to raise awareness about our world's most pressing issues and to inspire film viewers to move from concern to action. The C2A Toolkit is intended for directors and organizers of film festivals worldwide. Download the Toolkit >

Vocal Empowerment Toolkit

This toolkit offers guidance for vocal expression, supporting mothers and others in finding their full, embodied voices and rehearsing acting on our concerns. This toolkit is offered in conjunction with its accompanying video of a Vocal Empowerment Workshop. Download the Toolkit >

Boulder Food Rescue Toolkit

We love to highlight organizations in our own community who are doing sustainable, grassroots work. Boulder Food Rescue is a non-profit organization located in Boulder, Colorado, that is focused on rescuing and redistributing perishable food "waste" to charities that serve homeless and at-risk individuals. BFR's methodology is totally open-sourced, and their model is already being replicated in seven cities nationwide. And be sure to check out BFR founder Hana Dansky on our Featured Changemaker page! Download the Toolkit >

share an idea— big or small

We believe that all ideas matter, from the biggest to the smallest. Tell us where you’ve been or where you’re headed. Let us know the change that you are making. Share a story, or a resource. Shed some light.

6 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. “What is sacred – whether we name it Goddess, God, Spirit or something else – is not outside the world, but rather manifests in nature, in human beings in the community and culture we create. Every being is sacred – meaning that each has inherent value that cannot be ranked in a hierarchy or compared to the value of another being. Worth does not have to be earned, acquired, or proven; it is inherent in our existence.”
    ~ Starhawk, “Truth or Dare”

  2. Last night my family and I drove to Denver to meet our newest member of the family, Patricia, a 16 year old girl from Kenya. No matter what we are talking about or doing all I can think is, “I can’t wait for her to meet the YGLers”.

  3. Very excited about the new website. It looks great and I like the first featured changemaker. There was an NPR mention about this nonprofit, Boulder Food Rescue, a while back, as part of their collection of stories about community changemakers called Participation Nation, so I am happy to see it on our website.

  4. We’re into this idea of “Cooperative Banking” – the notion that, rather than feeding off the community, banking can nourish the community and local economy. Read more at:!

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