Philanthropiece Scholars

A New Generation of Changemakers

Five years ago we sat down with a group of Chajulense teenagers and asked them what they would change about their community. Their responses focused on environmental protection, improving public health, reforming educational systems, and developing ethical leadership. They astounded us with their insight and motivation, and in that moment the seed for the Philanthropiece Scholars program was planted. 

“Our beautiful town is going through many challenges, but we have faith that we are the ones who can bring positive change to Chajul.”

– Manuel, 2nd year Philanthropiece Scholar

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Creating change is a collaborative process. We rely on our partners and friends in both our “home” communities in Colorado, US, and in Guatemala to create the best possible impact via the Philanthropiece Scholars program. We are incredibly grateful to share the journey with:

Put education, leadership skills, and entrepreneurial support in the hands of conscientious Chajulense youth, and they will change their world. That’s what we do.


We know that the Philanthropiece Scholars program can only grow stronger by sharing it with our fellow changemakers in Guatemala and around the world. Our materials are completely open-sourced; please use them to support and grow your work … and we always welcome feedback!