Ixil, Guatemala

  • Chajul's past is filled with oppression and poverty, its future with youthful changemakers.
  • Environment Josefina uses photography to monitor the clean cook stove program that supports women in improving the health and economic situation of their families.
  • The Philanthropiece School Garden program currently serves three village elementary schools in the region.
  • Less than 1% of Chajulense have a University degree. Elicia and Dominga are studying hard to improve that statistic.
  • The Ixil women are proud of their vibrant Mayan culture.
  • The community of Chajul is home to 40,000 people of Ixil Mayan heritage.
  • Philanthropiece Scholars work tirelessly to promote positive community development during the day and study during the nights and weekends.

Social Initiatives

Philanthropiece Scholars majoring in teaching and social work engage in long-term literacy, school garden, and environmental initiatives in the villages of Chajul. Read More >

Economic Projects

Philanthropiece Scholars majoring in business administration engage in non-profit outreach, social enterprise, and small-scale savings programs to impact all levels of the community. Read More >

Our Philanthropiece Scholars program provides opportunities for Chajul’s best and brightest students to continue their education, to gain leadership experience, and to become changemakers in their local community.