Arts & Theater for Social Change

At Philanthropiece we believe that art, theater, and communication are important mechanisms of change, and have partnered with programs all over the world to write, act, draw, and dance our way toward social justice!

Here’s more about our work in our local community…and below are some of our favorite Arts & Theater for Social Change initiatives:

Mothers Acting Up

Philanthropiece partnered with Mothers Acting Up to present The (M)other Tour. The (M)other Tour is a program working towards creating a global community of mothers moving from concern to action on behalf of the world’s children.  It is made up of a one-woman performance of (M)other, which engages the heart and mind, and a workshop that empowers mothers to use their voices, passions and creative genius to ensure the health, education and safety of every child on Earth.  While we are saddened that Mothers Acting Up has closed as an organization, we are happy to report that The (M)other Tour lives on and is available on DVD.

Performers Without Borders

Performers Without Borders is a student group based at the University of Colorado. Its mission is to utilize the communicative power of performance to inspire individuals to use their voices effectively in speaking out and acting on their local and global concerns.  Philanthropiece partnered with PWB to broaden the scope of tools and resources that are available to empower the local community members where we work.  PWB has conducted vocal empowerment workshops in Chajul, Guatemala, and with our Youth Global Leadership participants.

Community Foundation of Boulder County

Our Community Foundation mobilizes passionate community members to address local needs.  Together with the Foundation, Philanthropiece instills an ethic of philanthropy by educating students about the work of local and international nonprofit organizations.  Through the Junior Philanthropy Art Contest, students are asked to create a piece of art work that depicts their vision of giving by highlighting a local nonprofit in their work.  In doing so, these artists both learn about their community as well as share with others the idea that when we all work together we can make a huge difference in our world.


Creativity is paramount to success when working toward social change in
resource-constrained communities. That’s why we’re dancing and drawing our way toward change.