Sustainable Development Workshops

The Community Bank Program serves as our introduction to rural towns and villages in Central Baja, laying the groundwork for our Sustainable Development Workshops. These regional workshops bring together both international and regional expertise to provide trainings and workshops covering a variety of topics such as first aid, environmental education, school garden initiatives, and basic financial literacy.   Utilizing best practices in sustainable development techniques, these workshops help build and reinforce regional connections and improve channels of communication between local leaders and their fellow community members.

Here’s a list of Sustainable Development Workshops that we have worked alongside local community leaders to develop and facilitate:


  • First Aid & CPR: Caring for Each Other in a Rural Community
  • Blood Pressure: The Health Benefits of Eating Healthily and Exercising
  • Diabetes: How to Monitor and Treat
  • Women’s Health: UTI Cause, Detection, and Treatment, Menopause


  • Intensive English Courses for Eco-Tourism
  • Effective Use of Technology in the Classroom


  • Interactive Environmental Education: Renewable Energy, Local Eco-Systems, & Recycling
  • Solar Panel Construction & Maintenance


  • Financial Literacy for Home and Business
  • Small-Business Administration
  • Community Banks & Related Themes


Project Partner:

A United Nations World Heritage Site, Laguna San Ignacio’s impressive biodiversity is matched only by the intrepid and innovative community members who work tirelessly toward a better life.  Philanthropiece has worked with Laguna San Ignacio since 2007, collaborating on economic, environmental, health, and education initiatives to support the community’s pursuit of a higher quality of life.

Philanthropiece’s Sustainable Development Workshops converge international resources with local expertise to address unique community needs.