Environmental Initiatives

La Lagunita de Ciprés is the last natural wetland in the city of Ensenada, Mexico.  The lagoon holds a wealth of biodiversity, is a travel corridor for hundreds of migratory bird species and other wildlife, and is essential to the environmental balance of the region.  Also a recreational outlet for the residents of Ensenada, La Lagunita is currently being threatened by overuse, sprawling urban development and a lack of conservation initiatives.  Part of a complex system of small wetlands, these natural resources provide ecosystem services such as water purification and flood control that has been valued at trillions of dollars.

Philanthropiece has been working with our friends at Vamos a Limpiar on a series of clean-up campaigns while garnering support from legal and environmental experts to put pressure on the government to protect La Lagunita as an ecological reserve.  Bringing together local volunteers and legal expertise, we hope to leverage our collective resources to safeguard La Lagunita de Ciprés for generations to come.

Vamos a Limpiar by the Numbers

  • 7 clean-up campaigns.
  • 12 environmental conservation advocacy campaigns.
  • 15 tons of garbage collected.
  • 5.5 tons of glass collected and recycled.
  • 400 tires collected and re-purposed.
  • 700 volunteers hauling trash and raising awareness about the importance of environmental conservation.
  • 300 species of birds protected by clean-up campaigns.
  • 12 visits to schools to provide environmental education workshops.
  • 126 visits to municipal offices to advocate for protected spaces.
  • 3000+ volunteer hours spent working towards environmental justice.


Project Partner:

Philanthropiece is proud to partner with Vamos a Limpiar la Ciudad (Let’s Clean Up the City), based in Ensenada, Mexico.  Vamos a Limpiar la Ciudad is an organization committed to raising awareness and enacting public clean-up campaigns in order to restore and protect the natural spaces of Ensenada, Baja California Norte, Mexico.

Since our first introduction to the beauty and biodiversity of Baja, we have worked to address a variety of renewable energy, waste management and environmental stewardship projects.